About Us

Thank you for choosing Golden Bamboo Acupuncture HQ! Our clinic is committed to providing you with a superior level of care in a friendly and personalized environment.

Our Mission: Improving the health and well-being of our patients, their families, and our community with extraordinary tremendous healthcare service; ensure peace of mind through high quality, warm- hearted treatment; and deliver care beyond their expectancy.

Our Vision: To be the first choice (option) in health care for our communities. To be the number one in providing quality, compassionate patient-centered care for patients who seek physical Traditional Herbal Medicine cures and comforts as well as peace of mind and peace of heart.

We are very proud of the relationships that we have established with our patients, and our providers and staff are focused on maintaining your trust and confidence. We are especially honored that our patients have referred so many of their friends and relatives to our clinic. We look forward to making lasting relationships with every patient we meet.

Our Values

For People Whom We Serve

  • The patient always comes first. We are dedicated to patient care.
  • We treat each person with respect and dignity.
  • We are compassionate listeners. We hear the issues of our patients, respect them, and do everything in our power to help.
  • We provide patient-centered service. People who come to Golden Bamboo Acupuncture, expect polite, friendly helpful staff members who relate to each person as an individual, recognizing their history, relationships, culture, and needs.
  • We keep ourselves well educated so that we can apply new developments in our fields. We use innovative approaches to health care and customer service.

Our Approach to Health Care

  • We care for the whole person, see the complexity of each person’s life, and believe that addressing a broad range of human needs is the best way to improve a person’s health.
  • We believe that providing high-quality, accessible health care is our reason for being. We seek to be a model for other community health centers.

Our Relationship with the Community

  • We have a commitment to serving the community and providing open access to Golden Bamboo Acupuncture for all community members.
  • Involvement by our staff in the community enhances our ability to provide effective health care.

Work Environment

  • We take pride in our work.
  • Our integrity and ethics will never be compromised.
  • Caring for people is our primary focus.
  • We are as respectful, friendly, helpful, and supportive to one another as we are to our patients.
  • We each are dedicated to our patients, and to the community.

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